Time Clock Software – Promoting responsible work culture

When the employees become more responsible and accountable it brings out the best in them benefitting both, workers and the organization as the idle time are kept to a minimum to the extent possible. It eliminates the need to micro manage employees all the time and focus on other important tasks. The worked hours’ calculator does it all.

It is also a way to keep the time in check by ensuring that the employees aren’t working overtime only on one project and ignoring other projects, helps in even distribution of time amongst all the projects that are being run by the company. Based on the total time that is being consumed by the project an estimate of left-over project can be done and the completion date of project can be provided.


The risk of a wrong time being entered is eliminated as the process is automated and the software records the time as it is and the managers don’t have to worry much about the misinformation being placed by the employees.

Time Clock Tracker also helps in Promoting transparency

Tracking of employee time with the worked hours calculator also promotes the transparency, the organization can provide the data regarding the number of hours that were actually spent by the employees to prove that the pricing has been justified and when the customers know how much effort has gone by the employees in completion their projects they feel more satisfactory towards the money spent and also it promotes brand loyalty. Happy customers will always come back to the organization even in future to get their projects executed for the same place. Brand loyalty adds to the value of organization by increasing the good will of the company.

Managers who work for a company carry company’s reputation along with them; the brand image of a company is reflected on the people who work for it. So the benefit is not just for the organization but also for the managers of the organization, it makes their job easy by making the administrative tasks less tedious and helps them concentrate on the more important tasks.